About The Firm

Welcome to Rhodes Law! We have built a legal practice based on the idea that law is an important service industry. To succeed in the long run, clients must come first. We listen carefully to client concerns, include them in the decision-making process, and explain this complex and ever-changing area of law in easy-to-understand terms.

It might sound unusual when talking about Estates and Trusts, but we are truly passionate about what we do! Admittedly, many lawyers lack enjoyment in their day-to-day work, but Rhodes Law is unique in that we derive a high level of satisfaction when realizing the comfort and security brought to clients through this niche practice. We are distinctly focused on estate law and helping our clients achieve their goals. It is important to us that we purposefully remain a local boutique firm, rather than being consumed by one of the larger firms.

We recognize selecting a lawyer can be a difficult and confusing task, that’s why we strongly believe when considering law firms, bigger isn’t always better. When dealing with very personal estate planning matters, you deserve the commitment to personal service, prompt client communication, and thorough representation; attributes we feel have been key to developing successful client relationships that span many generations. One person, such as yourself, or perhaps even your family, can, unfortunately, be lost in the shuffle if a firm has too many clients or too many areas of practice. Law firms that focus on other sectors, like corporate work, real estate, or even general practice firms handling many areas of law, can quickly put their estate planning clients on the back burner. When you become our client, you are essential to us, and we genuinely look forward to working closely with you to achieve your goals.